Sayblee Darsale Salon Inc., locally known as Sayblee Natural Hair Salon, was founded by Sayblee Darsale in the state of Florida June 20, 2002. This beauty salon strives to improve one’s hair and to maintain a healthy look and feel. Meaning, if you want your hair to be free of dryness, dullness, and split ends caused by so called “natural products’’ Sayblee Natural Hair Salon is the place you want to visit. If you need to repair your hair because it is damaged by harsh chemicals, due to hair coloring for example, bleach, perm, and relaxer we can repair your hair back to good health. If your hair is damaged by bad hair braiding or hair weaving it can lead to alopecia. Also, if you have excessive dandruff or just problem scalp, please come see us, it is the place you want to be if you wear your own natural hair and want to continue it growing healthily.

Sayblee Darsale, owner of Sayblee Natural Hair Salon

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Hello everyone!! I am so excited to share my wonderful experience at Sayblee Darsale natural hair salon. She loves what she is doing which is so very important. She is also very knowledgeable about hair. I left her salon feeling beautiful and looking beautiful. My hair and scalp feels rejuvenated. She uses all natural certified organic products in her hair care line. Thank you again Sayblee.

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Natural Hair Salon in Miami, FL

Sayblee knows the science of hair. Since 2000, what started off as one product to promote hair growth, Sayblee products have developed and evolved into a full product line including shampoo, conditioner, oils, and ofcourse, the hair growth treatment. Sayblee is not just a hair stylist but she is also an expert in hair care. Her mission is to provide men and women with a service that promotes natural hair growth, health, and the manageability to improve your hair by using all natural ingredients. Please go to our picture gallery and take a look at some the hair weaving and hair braiding styles and transformations made to clients by using the product line. This salon is inviting and celebrating. Come join us to celebrate this revolutionary era of natural hair.

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Sayblee Natural Hair Salon

Address: 8423 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33150
Phone: (305) 414-2690